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My Dear Malware, It has recently occurred to me that I may, in my advice to you, perhaps have concentrated on the purely technical side of the tempter’s trade – after all, most of our patients are quite capable of of misusing thinks like constructors, references and namespaces without any assistance or prompting from us! […]

My Dear Malware, It seems an age since I last wrote to you. Naturally, time passes differently for us, and I have been busy – going up and down in the world, spreading discord and hatred; the usual stuff. You would not believe how dusty some parts of the Middle East are! I swear I […]

My Dear Malware, As the Old Year crawls to its sorry end, I find it useful to look back on the achievements of the past few months. One technique that I have had much success with is suggesting to our pathetic human patients (has the word “developer” ever been so misapplied?) that they extend the […]

My Dear Malware, I trust you are enjoying a productive festive season? This time of year is always full of opportunity for us demons – so much greed, drunkenness and ill-feeling! No doubt you will be thinking of your New Year’s resolutions – can I suggest you make renewed efforts in the coming years to […]

My Dear Malware, One of a demon’s better means of tormenting developers is to encourage them to write unnecessary code. A fine example of such a tool in our fiendish arsenal is the C++ default constructor. Many of our patients (for so I like to think of them) are unsure when or why they need […]